About me

Communication is key

Communication is indispensable when it comes to expanding your brand or business. Reaching out and communicating with your target audience requires creative and engaging content.

I can help you create that.

My writing is clear and concise, educational yet entertaining, and conveys your message to your readers.


I can help your business create high-quality content that informs and entertains your readers.
Fields that I have knowledge and interest in include:

Research and Writing for Various Mediums – I graduated from The University of Melbourne with a Bachelors Degree in Media and Communications. Along the way, I’ve developed a liking for research, and knowledge in how to write across a variety of mediums, ranging from magazine articles to blog posts.

Food and Cooking – I am a professional baker and pastry chef, with 9 years of experience in the industry, and an associate’s degree from The Culinary Institute of America.

Sustainable Living and Eating – Seeing the massive amounts of food waste produced in the food industry has made me passionate about finding ways to not only make good food, but also help the environment while doing so.

Home Remedies and Lore – A current pet project of mine includes the research and record of folk or home remedies used by different cultures around the world. Read more about it on my Medium page!

Why me

I’m easy-going, professional, and independent.

My time working in professional kitchens has trained me to be detail-oriented, prompt, and thorough. That translates to well-written work that is never sloppy, and always delivered on time.

I also love research, and will go down that rabbit hole so you don’t have to, ensuring that you get work that has been fact-checked and accurate.

So if your brand or business needs an extra boost of content that is engaging, easy to read, and search engine optimized for increased traffic, then go ahead and drop me a message!